Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Colours of The International Brigades

Following a request from one of the blog watchers, here is a quick list of the paints used to paint my IB models

Vallejo Model Color- English Uniform, German Camoflague Black/Brown, Khaki, Khaki Grey, Brown Violet, SS Camoflague Pale Brown, US Field Drab. Vallejo Panzer Aces- French Tankcrew.  P3 Paint Hammerfall Khaki.
This does involve a fair bit of mixing, I use the Brown Violet, mixed with Khaki or Khaki Grey, to get the greenish uniforms of the Spanish army, and various combinations of the other drabs and browns., for that" hand me downs" look. The Black/Brown is great for making a darker shading wash, mixed with the other colours. When I get down to highlighting, I use Vallejo Pale Sand to lighten the colours, rather than white.


  1. Thanks a lot Nigel, I have nearly all these colours, so it's perfect ! :)


  2. experiment a bit first J-B, just to get the shade you want. Mind you just about anythig goes it would seem!!!

  3. Thats a great range of colours

  4. Yep, looks very close to mine.