Friday, 18 January 2013

2013 Project 1 - Uh Oh!!!

The usual thing, new year, new list of things I want to try and get done, none of which ever seem to get completed!!

This year will be no different, of that I can be sure.

So to start of with, we have a rollover from 2012.

Mr Pyrrhus and his shiny army of Macedonian Successor type goodness!! This little lot has jumped on, and off the painting desk, and been farmed out for painting, to my old mate Doug Powell, in a desperate attempt to get the bloody thing finished.
Followers of my other blog " Pyrrhus in Italy" will be familiar with this little lot, having seen them grow from nowt, to the above.  All it needs to complete the Basic Impetus army are a few more units, these being 1) Agema Cavalry, 2) Thesallian/Italian Cavalry, 3) Skirmishing Archers,4) Oscan allied foot, and 5) Elephants!!
"All it Needs" yeah like oh thats simple, should be able to knock them buggers out in a month, well not when you paint at the rapid rate that I do.
I aim to get the Oscans finished by the end of this month, yes honestly I promise!!!!

Until I get distracted by a tempting piece of plasticard, or some other shiny nonsense I find hiding in a box somewhere.


  1. The important ting is when they're done they will look so nice you'll have to play with them!

  2. They dpo look nice, Nigel. I'd like to see them in action at the club sometime.