Friday, 30 November 2012

Dixon Minis WW2

Popped off a small order for some Dixon bits n bobs, they have a small range of Resistance fighters, and Civvies, that could see service in my SCW games.

The two sets I have, are not too bad at all. Nice clean, crisp castings, and size wise I think they match my existing stuff, (have included an Empress figure for comparison) The civvie set includes a very neat Woman and Child casting. Will go back and invest in the resistance fighters on bicycles. Worth a look folks.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

B.U.F to SCW

Invested in some of the new BUF cavalry from Musketeer Minis. So a few pics I feel are in order.
Just the two packs so far, but I think I will be investing in a few more as I go along.
They are great figures, and its almost a pity to execute them all, bar the officer, who can keep his head.
This lot will be added to some existing conversions of my old Anglian cavalry, to make a Republican unit.

 They also look quite neat on a couple of static horses I had lying about.
Worth a look if you want to add some cavalry units, and they mix really well with the Empress/Anglian cavalry.

Bus Bothering

For those of you interested in the malicious hackery of diecast collectors models, I've taken a hacksaw to a shiny 1/55th scale Mercedes bus.It needs a new front end to make it look more 1930s

So here is what I want it to look a bit like

Next step is a new bonnet scratchbuild, and mudguards, then I shall add the roof luggage rack, and a load of mattress armour.

New Bitz

Been adding to the lead stockpile again, just one or two bits n bobs!!
From Musketeer, some Militia standard bearers from their VBCW range, all of these will get a conversion, mostly headswaps, the chap on the left will be made into part of a moving HMG team, and the chap on the right will get a carlist head, and a nice shiny religious flag to wave.
Workers Militia HMG team, again from Musketeer, I will probably swap the vickers for something more SCW, like a Maxim, may get another one of these, and use them as a Carlist HMG team.
Republican artillery, this time from Empress, i think the gun is a 75mm Schneider. No instructions provided, so  a bit of dry fitting, and reference to photos required. I may add some different figures as well.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Storming the Bridge - The Attack at Merida

Took my SCW stuff over to the club again, this time we played the Merida Bridge scenario from the "Atacer en Vencer" supplement for "Disposable Heroes"

Lee and Chris took the role of the defending FAI militia, and Steve and Guy had the Bridegrooms of Death, in the shape of La Legion.

Here is the bridge itself, our one was not quite the same as the real bridge!! Bit harder to make that one.

The Legionarios start a cautious advance, nothing showing from the town itself, but they know the FAI are there, somewhere.
They move their HMG onto some high ground, to provide a bit of supporting fire.
The FAI have set up a couple of barricades. No Pasaran.
As the Legion advance, they come under withering fire from the far building.
They reach the bridge, and more fire comes in, as The FAI Militia start to show themselves. A short, but intense firefight takes place, and some Militia units are driven back. The Legionarios start to cross.

Viva La Republic!! KABOOM, a lone dinamitero lets fly with his sling! Direct hit.
More Legionarios storm onto the bridge.
The Militia commander prepares to move his men forwards, to help stop the advance.
The Dinamiteros throw again, but to no avail, and the Legionarios charge over the parapet of the bridge
HMG supporting fire, helps to keep the militia pinned in place, until the crew are wiped out by the Militia's Lewis gun.
Viva La Muerte, the bridegrooms of death yell their battle cry, and crash into the barricade, a vicious close combat battle, and the Legionarios are  wiped out, but they take a lot of Militia with them.
The last few militia make a gallant stand, but are finished off by rifle fire from the remaining Legionarios

A very narrow Nationalist victory, they now take the town of Merida, and can move on and attack Badajoz.

Thanks go out to Lee, Chris Steve and Guy for having a go, and joining in.

We enjoyed the game, even though we are not too "au fait" with the rules themselves, we may be looking into using the new Bolt Action rules for the period, as they look like they could play alot quicker, and be easier for pick up games. The Disposable Heroes SCW supplements will however, provide a very useful starting point for organising army lists, and scenarios for our future games. I shall keep you all posted.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

A Las Barricadas........ Finito!!

In the usual airy fairy manner, once again we find mr short attention span switching to another one of his "projects"  Digging around trying to locate something else, I found my part finished hasty barricades. So, I thought lets get em squared away, and hey presto..... a finished bit of terrain

Left and right barricades, they can work as stand alone bits, or be joined together to make one big barricade. They are for a more rural setting, so they fit in with the majority of my SCW terrain.

I do need a bigger backdrop though!!! Quite pleased with how these have turned out, so much so. that I got some more SCW stuff out, and will paint a few more bits n bobs.

So, this time I have International Brigades, Moroccans and some more FAI Militia. I also have some buildings underway too.

Also been mucking about with a few headswaps etc, and have come up with this moving Maxim team, amongst others.
I should stick with this stuff really, as I can do a much better paintjob on the models.
still regret selling Anglian, but hey ho is done, and I can't buy it back.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Now Then Where Were We Again?............Ah Yes

PBR Streetgang Redux

Yes folks I have dug up the old PBR, and once again I shall be torturing bits of plasticard into bits for this. 
I still have Paul Hicks on standby for a neat set of crew figures, and how knows where this coud head!!!

I have a sneaky feeling this one might be my best scratchbuild to date.

Keep watching folks :-)