Sunday, 27 July 2014

Of Vehicles, and Vicars, and Other Such Nonsense

I'm perusing the piles of unfinished bits n bobs that litter my work bench, and think to myself, maybe a bit of an update is in order, so here are a few random snippets, from the cornucopia of crap that inhabits my desk space. Without further ado, lets kick off with the FAI/CNT motor pool

This old chestnut still rolls on, the crew are nearly completed now, will get them off the workbench this week, then switch my attention to the car itself. Windows to be added, another coat of paint, followed by weathering, and a few well placed FAI/CNTs plastered over it.
Next, a selection of rather fine automobiles, all commandeered by the local committee.

The first two cars, will have their roofs taken off, and be filled with an assortment of dubious Milicianos, the car furtherist away from the camera, well I hope to open up one of the doors, and have a figure standing next to it..

and then we have the ubiquitous Autobus, my first attempt at a more "period" front end, has gone a bit "Pete Tong", so version two is underway. The idea being, that I will make one master, and then cast myself some copies in resin. I have 4 of the bus models to convert, plus this one, so I have a decent size fleet. Bit unique this, as no one produces a decent period bus model, that can be filled with a selection of dodgy passengers, yes I am going to bung people inside,and a roof rack on the top.

So vehicles done, Vicars next, well priests actually

Take two Perry Miniatures Carlist priests, and two Empress/Anglian SCW heads, rip off the Perry heads, replace with the SCW heads,stick on a rifle, add some paint, and "hey presto" your very own in period god botherers. all ready to inspire the believers against the Filthy Red Scum,
 "Viva El Christo Rey"

 and last of all, Other Such Nonsense
I made a purchase, I think it was at Partizan, an the company was called Warbases (possibly)

quite handy little gadgets, save all that individual figure shuffling, however, because I am an annoying old fart, who is never happy with things just the way they are, I have decided I don't like the edges!!
My solution? File em down to a nice rounded curve

There, thats so much nicer!!!

There you go gang, more later, as the project starts to grow, hopefully next time, there will be moving images!!!!!

Saturday, 26 July 2014

A Project Too Far...............?

But, you see, I have this cunning plan. I enjoy a number of hobby activities, painting, modelling and gaming being the main one, I also enjoy filming and editing video, and writing, so the old brain gets working, and here's the end result

La Tierra es Vuestra

For a while I have been threatening to do a full gaming table for my Spanish Civil War collection, and I have steadily collected a stockpile of materials,and imagery to help me on my way, and I had this stupid idea, why not combine all the things I like, and produce a bit of an epic!!
So, the blog will be, for the forseeable future, dedicated to this madcap idea.

So what can you expect? Well, TBH, I have not worked out the whole thing yet, but I know I want to include background information for the conflict, some useful information on uniforms, and equipment, and some handy hints and tips for the gaming, painting and modelling side of things. I am busy writing a modelling article for Wargames Soldiers and Strategy magazine, and over the course of this coming weekend, I will film an intoduction video,and these will get the ball rolling.

It may just be the ramblings of a mad old toy soldier freak, or it may turn into something thats half decent,  I shall give it a go, and see