Friday, 27 July 2012

Meanwhile..... In a galaxy far far away.

I'm also working on this near future APC for my old mate, Frank Hammond. The mad old bugger has started yet another range of shiny soldiers

This model will be based around todays MRAV type vehicles, think Stryker, Boxer etc, but with a more futuristic feel to it. I'm putting in a detailed interior as well, and there may be options for the weaponry.
 This is what the figures look like, when a seriously good painter gets hold of them. These were done by Simon Bradley of

Bert on the Forward 50s

Almost done now, just need to rig the ammo feeds, put the firing solenoids on the ends on the guns, and make the searchlight. Bert gives you a better idea of how the guner will fit. The crewman firing the guns did not sit, the position is more of a standing one, with your backside perched on a little rest!!!
Got the bulk of the cabin front filled out too, and it went quite well. Just a final layer to finish off the shape, and I can sand it all smooth, then add the locating points for the aerials, and rails.
Next up, the rear 50 cal, and the cabin rails and roof.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Forward Fifties

The forward gun position starts to take shape, still need to add the mounts, bullet feeds, cartridge bins, sights,firing mechanism and the seat!!!
Figure is there just to give you an idea of the size, when in the firing position he would be sitting a lot lower than that. (bear in mind he's not the actual crew figure that comes with the model!!)
Later, I hope to finish off the front of the cabin, been putting this off, as I'm not that expert with Milliput!!

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Moving Forwards..............Slowly!!

Its a slow old job, but I have managed to creep a bit forwards. Have now begun work on the three Browning 50 cals, plus the mounts. Have a week off coming up, and I hope to crack on with the build.

Good news though, the master sculptor, Paul Hicks, will be doing the crew figures, and this could well be the start of a new 28mm Vietnam war range, so watch this space!!

I am mad enough to attempt this in 1/55th, along with the OH6-A!!

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Big Boat, Little Boat!!!

Green boat is 1/35th, white boat is 1/55th. I use the bigger one for scaling down, and cribbing the detail 
So,we've moved it forwards a bit since last time, I know it looks the bloody same, but I have made a few ancillary bits, and finally managed to work out how to fix the deck, to the hull, making it thick enough for casting purposes.
Next move is to fill in the cabin front with putty, and smooth it out to get the shape right, not an easy task!!

Friday, 6 July 2012

Another one to add to my "I built that" list!!

Just about finished this off for Paul at Muttonchop Miniatures.
VBCW halftrack using the Carden Loyd track system.

Troop Carrier

A few passengers!!

Armoured Car

Second A/Car variant

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Plasticard Butchery.

Reality hits, and I have decided to put my French and Indians war stuff on hold for a bit.

I have the urge to do some more modelly things, and still have Paul's vehicle master to finish
So far,  I have finished the basic troop transport version, and have spent today making the turret for the support version

Quite pleased with how this has turned out. Especially as it is a build with no plans, so I had to think a fair bit .

I've also resurrected an old project. A while back I started farting about with a 1/55th scale Vietnam PBR model. I wanted to get Paul to sculpt me the Apocalypse Now crew for it. As I am into making stuff at the moment, i've lobbed this onto the workbench. Its not looking like much at the mo, but what i've done so far is looking good