Sunday, 1 July 2012

Plasticard Butchery.

Reality hits, and I have decided to put my French and Indians war stuff on hold for a bit.

I have the urge to do some more modelly things, and still have Paul's vehicle master to finish
So far,  I have finished the basic troop transport version, and have spent today making the turret for the support version

Quite pleased with how this has turned out. Especially as it is a build with no plans, so I had to think a fair bit .

I've also resurrected an old project. A while back I started farting about with a 1/55th scale Vietnam PBR model. I wanted to get Paul to sculpt me the Apocalypse Now crew for it. As I am into making stuff at the moment, i've lobbed this onto the workbench. Its not looking like much at the mo, but what i've done so far is looking good


  1. I like that half track mate it is all the better knowing that no plans were used, rather like a real Heath Robinson vehicle.

  2. Nice work on both counts. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished pieces.

  3. Both are looking really great!


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