Saturday, 25 October 2014

The End Of............B.S.T

Maybe now I will get something bloody well done!!
As the clocks go back, and the shorter nights begin, maybe, just maybe.......

Following weeks of inactivity, as the malaise set in, I've sat back in the grubby old leather chair, and cast a weary eye over the vacant space, that was my work area.
 One of the problems of suffering from Depression, is that the slightest stupid thing, can set you off on a downward spiral, and once you start, its difficult to pull yourself back up again.

I cleared my desk,the constant image of piled up crap, everytime I went into The Pit, a reminder of the things I could not do. The last thing I finished, was a figure as a gift, for my good friend Juliette"s birthday,way back in July, and since then, I just cannot find it in myself to lift a paintbrush, let alone anything else :-(

Today, I did this

Opened a box, and dug these out, because I need to inspire myself to do some more work. if I can get one hobby back, then I can build on the other things I like to do.
Right now, gaming  is beyond me, I can't get an army finished to save my life, but by finishing just one model, I prove to myself that I can do this, I can build something that other gamers might be interested in, and the snowball effect might just begin to roll!!!!

Lets hope so eh gang :-)