Sunday, 8 September 2013

My Work Here.............Is Nearly Done

Spent a few days cracking on with the Frothers Unite Charity Project
Now just have the gun mount to build, and I am finished.
Made two versions, so Jon, who has organised the whole thing, can pick which one he likes best
Very Loosely based on the Browning 30cal and 50cal guns.

Hope they are what was required!!

Monday, 2 September 2013

Cats out of the Bag and all that Jazz..............


Did'nt stay secret for too long!!!

Every year, Jon Atter, AKA Dags, organises a charity figure through the Frothers Unite Forum. 
Last year we had the rather fine model of Judge Minty, and to try and outdo that model, Jon has "gone large" with a Tank Girl Package, that has the capability of being something really rather special
Get your collective backsides over here for more info

Why am I plugging this? Well first off, its a bloody good cause, and Jon puts in a lot of work to get the thing off the ground. The projects feature some of the best figure sculptors around, and the end results are truly limited editions, usually of subjects that would not normally, see the light of day.
So, this time round Jon has assembled another crack outfit to undertake all the work, from the initial sculpting, and mastering, through the mould making and casting, right down to getting the finished results to your doorstep, and for some strange reason, HE ASKED ME TO HELP!!
Now don't get all over excited folks, like I did! My input is limited to making some "FiddlyBitz" to go on the Tank Model, but still, to be asked is something of an honour for me.

I will post as many updates to the project as I can, as and when they come along, ifyou want to keep track, then get over to the facebook page, and click on the likey likey button. In case you missed it, here is that link again :-)

Now go, yes go now, and pledge your pennies for a couple of very good causes, and to support a top bloke in his annual endeavour.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

The Resurrection Shuffle....

Spend the day just fart arsing about with bits of plasticard, and reacquainting myself with this old chestnut

Going to attempt to finish it off, yes seriously, a finished model!!! I know, I know grand statement and all that, but it took a bit of work to get it this far, and its moldering away in a box. 
Seems a crying shame to leave it there, as it has the capacity to be a pretty good model, if I get it finished.
So for a little while (until I fuck it up, throw it at the wall in a temper, and decide painting Napoleonics is not so bad after all) I shall be hacking up assorted bits of plasticard, and torturing bits of brass into odd shapes.
Progress pics as we go.