Sunday, 26 August 2012

Saxon Violence ;-]

And take your Pict.
Apologies for the awful puns, I can't help myself sometimes!!
Anyhow, after my latest Ebay victory, I had a dig around in my lead pile, and came up with the following.

A nice stack of suitably hairy, and barbarian opponents for those nice shiny Romano-Brits.

  So, what have we got then?

A pile of Picts from the frozen North. Kept beyond the wall by the Roman garrisons, they are now heading South to cause maximum mayhem, remember the Home Internationals folks? We never did get those goalposts back.
Mostly Gripping Beast models, with a pack of nekkid fellows from Harlequin/Blacktee Design, the nudy rudy models will make up the Attecoti units. I've even got a nice anarchic Pictish commander in his chariot!! Long out of use, but its such a nice model I think I shall use it.
Will add a few more packs to this pile as we go along, looking at MDS, Westwind and some Crusader stuff.

A stack of Saxons, from across the North Sea!
I got these a few years back, in the good old days, when I used to troll around the shows flogging my wares. Swapped these with Bill from Musketeer, for a pile of my Anglian SCW stuff, and now they finally get the paintjob they deserve.
I've already been over to the Musketeer website, and ordered some personalities, and a selection of LBMS transfer sheets.

Game on folks

Ebay is the Work of Satan...........!

Because people keep sticking shiny things on there, and I keep on bloody well bidding on them.
My latest "bargain"

A neat little Romano-British force, painted to a pretty good gaming standard. 4 spear units, 2 bow and 2 cavalry. Thats enough for a basic Impetus force. Included were some unpainted figs, enugh to make up another 2 cavalry units, and 3 spear.
I am going to rip them all off those awful slottabases, and rebase them all on 1p pieces, that way I can use them for the  Dux Britanniarum rules from TFL
Here's a blow by blow for what I shall do to each unit.

These boys will get new LBMS shied transfers, redone flesh work ( the original colour is a bit too native american for my liking) and replacement wire spears to replace the bendy ones.
These two units will get LBMS transfers, new weapons, and flesh too. The rear unit may get some of its figures added to my Saxon force.
This unit has been painted as Roman sailors, so they will get replacement LBMS shields for a Saxon Shore force, and a couple of added figures to bulk them out, redone flesh and replacement weapons to finish off.
Made a start on the bow units, they just got their faces redone, and the bows straightened , and painted.
I had put them on Impetus bases, but will swap them later for 1ps.

The Cavalry will all get new LBMS shields, replacement weapons, and fleshwork. I may tart up the horses a bit. not sure how cavalry work in Dux Brit, so these boys will be done last.

Add a selection of the lovely personality figs now available, and away we go.

Yes folks yet another "project" from the "House of Idiot"
I blame these people

Saturday, 11 August 2012

APC- Basics worked out

Have finally got the basic shape all worked out, and have just about finished the body shell.
This update is a trifle picture heavy!!

Loads more detail to be added, but you should be able to get a general idea of how it will all look when its finished.
I'm really rather chuffed with how this is going, as it pure invention on my part.!!

An idea of size, figures are from Frank Hammond's new range. I've bunged one onto a slottabase, for those of you who insist on using the horrible things

Side view minus the figures.
The gaps will contain headlights, and there is a front armour plate to go on.

Rear door is a single piece, and will hopefully be workable.

The circle marks the location of the command hatch/ RWS. The rear hatches are just for effect, and will have more detail on them.

Top cover, the riflemen are standing on the seats, the middle figure is on the floor.

The rear door will fill in the centre section, loads more detail to add, both inside, and out.

Driver station, there will be a thin web of resin filing in the windscreen area, easily removed for those of you brave enough to put in some clear acrylic windows!!

Saturday, 4 August 2012

APC v PBR, there,s only one way to find out..........


I have a dilema!! Two great models on the desk, both vying for my attention.
On the left, we have Vietnam war PBR Mk2, star of one of the greatest films ever (ApocalypseNow) available nowhere in 28mm, and the prospect of a Paul Hicks sculpted crew to go with it.
On the right we have the Near Future APC, to go with the new figure range just releassed by that mad old sod, Frank Hammond. Its straight out of my own imagination, no plans or models to copy, so its a bit of a challenge.
I could just work on both, but it will take an age to get either of them finished that way, or I could pick one over the other, and get it punted out sharpish.
Or I could just stick em both in a box..............................................and get back to painting some bloody figures ;-[

Decisions, decisions!!

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

This week I have been mostly glueing.........

The near future APC I'm making for Mr Hammond.

Its starting to take shape now, still a fair bit of work to do.
It looks likely that this model will take up all of my hobby time, so the PBR Mk2 is on hold at the moment.

This may all change of course, as I have the attention span of a goldfish, and already have been eyeing up some of the bits n bobs I collected to make a selection of MadMax style vehicles!!!!