Sunday, 26 August 2012

Saxon Violence ;-]

And take your Pict.
Apologies for the awful puns, I can't help myself sometimes!!
Anyhow, after my latest Ebay victory, I had a dig around in my lead pile, and came up with the following.

A nice stack of suitably hairy, and barbarian opponents for those nice shiny Romano-Brits.

  So, what have we got then?

A pile of Picts from the frozen North. Kept beyond the wall by the Roman garrisons, they are now heading South to cause maximum mayhem, remember the Home Internationals folks? We never did get those goalposts back.
Mostly Gripping Beast models, with a pack of nekkid fellows from Harlequin/Blacktee Design, the nudy rudy models will make up the Attecoti units. I've even got a nice anarchic Pictish commander in his chariot!! Long out of use, but its such a nice model I think I shall use it.
Will add a few more packs to this pile as we go along, looking at MDS, Westwind and some Crusader stuff.

A stack of Saxons, from across the North Sea!
I got these a few years back, in the good old days, when I used to troll around the shows flogging my wares. Swapped these with Bill from Musketeer, for a pile of my Anglian SCW stuff, and now they finally get the paintjob they deserve.
I've already been over to the Musketeer website, and ordered some personalities, and a selection of LBMS transfer sheets.

Game on folks


  1. New projects are always fun!

  2. Promising project Nigel! I´m looking forward to see them painted. And it´s always good to infect other gamers with the SCW-Virus isn´t it?

  3. A goodly haul of metal there, Nige. You're going into Dux Brittanorum from TFL, then?

  4. Yep,Dux Brittaniarum it shall be. Like the idea of the campaign system, adds a good period favour to the games. Felt that Impetus would be just another Dark Ages shield wall slog, plus smaller skirmish games night encourage other folks at the club , to get themselves some figs, and make up their own bands.