Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Partizan Swag

Sunday found me meandering on the familiar journey up the A47 and A17 to Kelham Hall. The Other Partizan show was on, and its always worth the jaunt up there. Accompanied by my gaming mates, Chris and Stuart we hit the traders to pick up various bits n bobs.

First off, I pick up a copy of these rules from North Star Figures, need them to organise my next "exciting" project!!!

Then I get a couple of dodgy old hovels from PMC, these are the start of my village buildings for the Dux games. Of course being me, they will get little bits added here and there, and a little bit of highlighting etc, just to add my own touch to them.  I looked at the nice church they do, and thought I'll go back later and get one of those, when I went back, they had sold out!!
The natty little fence sections are fromt The Last Valley, and are ideal for making enclosures for the various assortments of livestock we already have.
The show itself, was good as always, and made fun by the fact that a few of our gaming gang had made the trip.
I enjoy going along, and catching up with all my old gaming contacts, and finding out who is up to what.


  1. Absolutely smashing! I'm planning a jaunt to Derby next month, fancy a cup of tea/slice of cake if you're there?

  2. A good haul there. I do miss the trips up to Partizan.