Saturday, 11 August 2012

APC- Basics worked out

Have finally got the basic shape all worked out, and have just about finished the body shell.
This update is a trifle picture heavy!!

Loads more detail to be added, but you should be able to get a general idea of how it will all look when its finished.
I'm really rather chuffed with how this is going, as it pure invention on my part.!!

An idea of size, figures are from Frank Hammond's new range. I've bunged one onto a slottabase, for those of you who insist on using the horrible things

Side view minus the figures.
The gaps will contain headlights, and there is a front armour plate to go on.

Rear door is a single piece, and will hopefully be workable.

The circle marks the location of the command hatch/ RWS. The rear hatches are just for effect, and will have more detail on them.

Top cover, the riflemen are standing on the seats, the middle figure is on the floor.

The rear door will fill in the centre section, loads more detail to add, both inside, and out.

Driver station, there will be a thin web of resin filing in the windscreen area, easily removed for those of you brave enough to put in some clear acrylic windows!!


  1. Its very impressive. I saw this over on the Lead Adenture Forum and came to have a closer look. I'm also making scratch built AFV's, but from the 1930's. Which materials are you using? I've been experimenting with all kinds of PVC's and acrylics, but they are hard to find in Denmark. If your curious, you can see some examples on my primary blog;

  2. I tend to just stick with Plasticard for most of my scratchbuilds, I also use brass tubing, leadwire, copperwire and metal sheet. Had a look at your blog, those builds are pretty damn good mate, much better than the stuff I turn out.