Sunday, 1 September 2013

The Resurrection Shuffle....

Spend the day just fart arsing about with bits of plasticard, and reacquainting myself with this old chestnut

Going to attempt to finish it off, yes seriously, a finished model!!! I know, I know grand statement and all that, but it took a bit of work to get it this far, and its moldering away in a box. 
Seems a crying shame to leave it there, as it has the capacity to be a pretty good model, if I get it finished.
So for a little while (until I fuck it up, throw it at the wall in a temper, and decide painting Napoleonics is not so bad after all) I shall be hacking up assorted bits of plasticard, and torturing bits of brass into odd shapes.
Progress pics as we go.


  1. Looks smart, Nigel. Better working on something than going all that way to Newark, eh? ;)

  2. No money for Newark, so best to avoid it. :-(

  3. I only bought refreshments! First time on any visits to Partizan. There were many things I could have bought if it'd had the dosh, but I was a good boy >:O(

    I think you'll find somebody to take on the master if you finish it. It's got bags of potential for a series of vehicle adaptations and it's absolutely 'near future'.

    BTW - the APC reminded me and it was a conversation topic a couple of times: heard anything of Frank?

  4. Not a thing mate, he's gone very quiet, which is a bit of a worry.

  5. It looks quite nice, hope to see the next steps you take to complete the model. I am painting a bunch of Napoleonics right now. It can be overwhelming. Do this for fun!

  6. I love it Nigel and cant wait to see it develop