Saturday, 31 August 2013

Anything Can Happen In the Next Half Hour.........................

Or was that 6 months!!?

Lookie lookie

No painty painty things, but lots of plasticard butchering devices.
Yours truly has been called into some modelling action, on a super secret special mission. So its away with paint pots and brushes, and welcome to the world of cutting things, and sniffing glue. Whilst I am on this mission I shall attempt to mask what I am building, with an additional side project.
It could be

The resurrection of the old APC, that never got finished, as Frank sold his figures!!

Hmmmmm, decisions, decisions

So fellow figure fondlers, and miniature molesters, what shall it be?


  1. I like the AFV, what is it?


  2. Sci-fi job, sort of mongrel mix of German Boxer, Yank Stryker and Italian Centauro. Was building it for a mate who had started a near future figure range, then he went and sold it!!

  3. He's the only bloke I know who can go off a project while the first order of leads is still in the post! I'm surprised you didn't throw the vehicle at him Nige!


  4. The Interceptor!!! Go on do it!!!