Monday, 26 August 2013

Breaking Strength of Wet Toilet Paper..............

I am crap at this lark, no I am not crap, In fact I am very good at this lark!!
The lark being, changing historical periods at the drop of a hat, and I have some damning evidence to prove it.
First of all, the cupboard of shame, stacked full of Oooooooooh Shiny, at least here I can shut the doors, and go "La la La La can't see you!!"
The horrors under the desk of doom however, are always there, whispering Loser Loser you can't get anything finished :-(

I am now finding this whole thing very depressing. Recently I got all over excited by Napoleonic Saxons, I duly ordered a few ( about 50 figures) and set about paiting one to see how it would go. I got the figure nearly finished, dropped it, broke off the bayonet, and then thought, these buggers will take an age to paint, and just why the bloody hell am I doing them anyway.
I had a load of SCW stuff on the desk, was getting along just fine, then decided a game as in order, so lots more stuff had to be done, along with working out some lists, and rules additions, and posting stuff on various blogs. Real life intervened and I could not make it over to the club, demoralised I duly packed away the SCW stuff, and the enthusiasm has just bled away.
Now the desk is littered with Romano-Brits, they are already painted, but not good enough for this stupid git, so they are getting a reworking, replacing the bendy metal spears, redoing the faces, redoing the metals, tidying up the clothes, putting on new LBMS sheild transfers and then rebasing them. They have some opponents, most normal people would think, hey lets do some Saxons, or maybe some Picts. Picking one or the other, and getting on with it, but not me, oh no, you have to have both, and have them littering the desk too. :-(
The current state of affairs
I also have these, look they have paint on them!!!
Guess what, go on bet you can't?
yep, don't like em, they need a repaint.

So here it is, the big box has the Romano-Brits in it, the little white box is full of Picts, and the other one contains a load of Musketeer Minis Saxons.

The reason why I am doing these now?

They are quite simply, the best things I have painted in a very long time, and god knows I need to feel that I have achieved something.

So here is where I stay for a bit, I have got to get  grip on this bloody irrational jumping about. I can do this figures quite well, I have enough to put together two Dux B armies, and there is the challenge of making some more terrain, like this.

Or, should I just chuckin this painting lark altogether and just build some bloody models instead?

Yeah I know

I am bloody useless, and a bit of a joke.


  1. Listen friend if your a joke then I'm a darn laughing stock because as soon as I start painting a figure from one period I'm already thinking about something else! It can get very demoralizing I know, but I try and console myself in that if I at least paint something no matter how often I jump around in periods that things eventually will take shape albeit at a much slower pace then I would like.

    I agree the Musketeer figures are a treat to paint and as a matter of fact I'm working on early Saxons for Dux B myself.


  2. You are perfectly normal. Carry on! ;)

  3. It's a bit weird, but I'm in the process of writing a post on pretty much the same topic. You are not alone! lol

    I'm tempted to say just roll with it... the results of slave-driving yourself to do something you don't have enthusiasm for are likely to reflect that in the quality of the finished product.

    Better to have something part-finished, than finish something and feel that you need to strip them and start again surely?

    That's some nice work you've knocked out btw!

  4. This weekend I bought some of the new Blue Moon 15mm French Carabiniers (in the first uniform) which is ridiculous as I already have a regiment in this uniform and both regiments in the second uniform. So, I'll now have 4 regiments of the buggers of which I couldn't accurately use more than two at once.!

    I also almost bought some Perry and TAG Renaissance (sort of) Italians (plastic and metal) or some more Perry and Tag ECW infantry (about 60 of 'em) or some AB Tirailleur-Grenadiers or some Peter Pig AWI (just for a tester you understand) or some more Eureka 7YW Prussians (could have been French though) or some more Ebor WSS infantry, Longstreet, a couple of Mikaberidze's Napoleonic books, Charlie Grant's 'The Wargame' (lost my original somewhere) and CS Grant's supplement and a couple of maps for the Dark Peak and the White Peak (O.K. not wargaming).

    I'm just as barmy as you, but I think 'What the hell?" I'm still clearing my painting back log and cleaning up the next batch of leads. It's all a question of just plugging away at the lead pile. You know you want them all, but worrying about it doesn't achieve anything. So, I worry about it while I'm painting. If you paint half a dozen figures a week, that's 300(ish) in a year and you can still worry about it all you want!

    You've an excellent club with a decent crowd there (except Lee and Dave of course) and it always perks you up when you go. I think you're on to a winner.


  5. The saxons are pretty nice. Want to see some more of them...
    As to the other stuft I think you're pretty normal, at least as normal as most hobbyists tend to be.

  6. As the others have said, your not alone mate. I am struggling to get back into painting anything, which is bad as I have figures here waiting to be painted that I have been paid for as well as figures I have paid for myself. I could list them, but my PC would overheat.

    If you ever run out of unpainted lead then you will definitely have gone mad my friend.

  7. I strongly suspect you've just described the mind set and current state-of-play of approximately 90% of the hobby sir. I find the only way to push through my darker gaming moods is to do whatever takes my fancy at the time. It's your *hobby* so you should do whatever part of it makes you feel good at any given time. It's one of the few parts of your life where that's a valid argument after all...

    PS. Those saxons are bloody lovely!

  8. A man after my own heart, keep flitting it will all get done in the end :-)

  9. PS. Those Saxons are bloody good.

  10. I used to be the same,I had a serious serious problem with shiny lead shaped people and associated stuff.I worked out a painting plan,I figured I would have to live till i'm 2 million years old to finish the projects I had.So I got rid!I started with the periods and figs I was never gonna get to do,then I refined my painting age down to 1 and a half million years (quite a jump in right direction)Now "most" of my figs revolve around my core interests,I still have way way too many but psychologocally it actually does help.

  11. I would not call it flitting I would call it varied historical period interest. I think the way you do things is perfectly normal.
    If you have the ability to swap periods and produce outstanding work as you do I say carry on regardless.....