Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Today, I Have Been Mostly...................

Laying out Boards

Had these lurking in the garage for quite a while now, and since the summer has finally arrived, I shall get to work putting the requisite sand and other gubbins onto them. These four will just get a basic coating, with no hacking about, as I need some basic terrain boards with that Mediterranean feel to them, as the club does not have any at all.
Progress pics later.

Painting Regulares.....and Militia

Once again, the desk of doom is littered with an assortment of SCW figures. I rather rashly, volunteered to put a game on at the club, and in an effort to provide something different to the last few games, I've got the half finished figures out, and will attempt to add some different units to the next game......possibly!!!

Commiting a Cardinal Sin..............

'"Deranged individual, decapitates Perry Eyeties"
Take a pair of perfectly useable Perry Miniatures WW2 Italians

Rip off their heads with some pliers!!!
Then add two heads from my old Anglian heads pile, to make two very useful CTV types for the Spanish Civil War, one of them has the M15 Adrian helmet, worn by a lot of the Italians in the early stages. The other guy has a Spanish Gorillo cap, making him one of the Spanish infantry in the mixed unit that were deployed later on.
Lookig forwards to seeing what else the Perry boys release, more executions will follow.


  1. So about these Saxons . . . .

  2. Just another bump in the road, I have them all primed up ready to go, and on the odd occasion, they slip onto the painting desk, and get messsed about with. I have to get the SCW stuff sorted for the game, but its back to 1813 afterwards.