Wednesday, 27 June 2012

I've Made A Terrible Mistake........!!!!

I went into the "loft of doom" to put some stuff away, and then decided a rummage was in order. There are a number of exciting boxes living up there, and you can easily forget whats in each one, I found one, and the temptation to open the lid was just too much!! In it I found this lot

Now, finding things, and then going into the internet, thinking Hmmmm wonder what rules are about, is never a good combination, and somehow my fingers pressed buttons, and I found myself ordering these

So here I am, executing a perfect off on a 
One of those Ohhhhhhh shiny moments we gamers/painters always seem to have!!

I hope I get the project a bit further than my last attempt

oh yes, three slightly painted figures!!!!

I'm watching this again for inspiration, and I may be heading over to the Galloping Major Miniatures site, for some Rangers!!!

Don't you just love a new project.

Fear not though steadfast blog followers, I have a vehicle to finish off first before all this madness begins


  1. Ach i was hoping you were wanting rid of them and i was sitting here eager to help you haha

  2. Good choice, Muskets & Tomahawks is really good game ! Next step : playing to SAGA (another Studio Tomahawk game) ;)

  3. You've had these flippin' AGES! Thank God there's someone as bad as me . . . .