Sunday, 17 June 2012

No Pasaran!!

The Anarchists of the CNT-FAI, have blockaded the painting desk!!!

In between painting figures, and making the occasional vehicle master, I do put on the odd SCW game. Needed some barricades for the next game, and this is what we have so far.

On the left, old bed, and assorted bits of wood, some barrels and sacks,the odd crate, an old wagon wheel,plus a few rocks . The bed will have a mattress draped over the top, and I may add a few well placed sandbags.
    On the right, household furniture, and rocks make up the bulk of this one, I will also add some sandbags along the top too.

So, a bit of work to do, have til Friday evening to get this lot sorted!!!


  1. You're right, No Pasaran ! ;)

    Great barricades.


  2. This should look grand when you are finished, since it's pretty cool already!