Saturday, 23 June 2012

Blimey, an actual game!!!

Finally got to deploy some figures, and terrain for a game.Made my way over to New Buckenham, to meet up with the gaming gang. Thanks to Stuart, and Lee for agreeing to take part. Rules used were "Disposable Heroes. We played the first scenario from the "Atacer es Vencer" supplement, a very bloody game, with a narrow victory for Lee and the forces of the Republic.
The Layout.
Legionarios advancing with the UNL35

Spanish Coppers of the Guardia Civil variety

Dakka Dakka

Hiding Militia hold the village.

Nationalist commander, Stuart

Caught in the open, but the UNL35 fails to spot!!

The Fuzz again

Legionarios move to occupy a house, they die horribly later on!!

Sneaking out on the flank.

The Militia storm a building

The Duel on the road, ends in disaster for the Militia

The rules work quite well for the period, we need to have a few more games to allow them to sink in a bit, plus a few tweaks will help to balance things out.

I do need to make a lot more terrain though, as our options were fairly limited.

It was great to get all the stuff out again, and I now have a lot more enthusiasm to get some more work done.


  1. Good game all round - nice stuff!

  2. Looks like a good game. Nothing like a good evening on the tabletop to generate excitement to go back and 'get more stuff done.' Thanks for posting the game. Nice photos as well.

  3. What pancerni wrote - actually using the goodies we spend so much time constructing and painting makes the labour worthwhile. Nice to see the old club branching out into new eras, too.

  4. Looks good, need to see Crouchie in one of them Guardia hats :-)

  5. Thanks for all these nice pictures Nigel !

  6. Nice pictures there and a great game. Looks like lots of fun.

  7. This looks great. It's partially from all your pictures of 28mm SCW that I've ordered the two books for Disposible Heroes on this period. I've had the core rulebook for some time.

    Are the vehicle scratch built or purchased?

  8. the Naval Somua, and the UNL35 are both available from Empress. The Lancia truck (Green) is one of Crouchie's old Chieftain Models, I think Company B has it now, and the red and green truck is from Siku Diecast. Always on the hunt for suitable vehicles, one good source is Ebay, look for Danbury Mint pewter cars, as they scale out OK.

  9. Stunning looking figures and looks a great game.

  10. Game looks AMAZING!

    Thanks for the rules plug ;)

    Now I need to dig my stuff out again...