Saturday, 2 June 2012

A Las Barricadas!!

I saw this set on TMP. and thought they looked very useful. So, I went ahead, and ordered a set.
Three days later, which is pretty damn quick from Europe, and they are in my grubby litle paws.

So, what do you get for your approx £15 on the  Euro exchange. Well there are 9 assorted sections, that can be arranged in various formats. The pieces are extremely well cast in a dark grey resin, and are really well detailed, in fact I would go as far to say, that these are the best sandbags I have seen so far in this scale. Included in my order were some very useful little bits, jerrycan, a couple of tyres, a barrel,and a sack of grain.

Two of the sections go together, to form this MG loophole

 They look to be just about the right height, and the bags themselves don't look massive

On the plus side, they look very similar to the ones in period photos.Just need to add some more detritous to them to et the full effect.

I might use one section to add onto the end of this barricade I am putting together. Add some old mattresses, rocks, old bits of wood etc, and away we go. Got a few of these to work my way through, and its fun chucking lots of odds and sods onto a base, to see what gives the best effect.You can never have too many barricades after all!!

Overall, I would recommend these to anyone looking for some suitable 28mm sandbag sections, Ok they are not the cheapest alternative, but I reckon they are the best, by a very long way.

Heres the link, now go and order some!!!

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