Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Ok I promised a show review, but someone forgot that a camera to take a few pics of the games etc, would have been handy. In the excitement of getting organised to go, I forgot to stick mine in the manbag.
So instead of me waffling on about games, with no nice photos for you to look at, I will review the enormous pile of items I purchased instead!!

First of all, some useful items from the fine chaps at Ainsty, will be using these to make some hasty barricades. Hiding behind the label is a very nifty Olive oil bottle in a wicker basket. I'm going to see if Ainsty will sell me some of these individually, as they are bloody useful.

Picked these up from the Great Escape Games lads, grass tufts can never have too many of them, and the moss pads make excellent low ground cover plants.

Next, we have tank crew from the very talented Paul Hicks at Mutton Chop Miniatures, fantastic figures to add to my motley assortment of Pz1,T-26 and BT5 tanks

I just had to get these two, so full of character, they will be added to my Anarchist force for a touch of "Carry on Miliciano" !!
and finally, these two are going to be converted to a half track, and a Carden Loyd command vehicle. Paul will hopefully add them to his Mutton chop range, if I manage to make a half decent job of it!!!

The show itself, well it was great, I spent most of my time there catching up with some good mates, who I had not seen for some time. People were saying that Partizan was losing its punters to the Triples show, but I thought there were a good few people there, so hopefully its not the case.
There were some very neat looking games there, I should have taken a bit more time to look around them, but I spent all my time chatting!!!

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