Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Forward Fifties

The forward gun position starts to take shape, still need to add the mounts, bullet feeds, cartridge bins, sights,firing mechanism and the seat!!!
Figure is there just to give you an idea of the size, when in the firing position he would be sitting a lot lower than that. (bear in mind he's not the actual crew figure that comes with the model!!)
Later, I hope to finish off the front of the cabin, been putting this off, as I'm not that expert with Milliput!!


  1. How about using balsa or that balsa foam stuff? I think the balsa foam is used by pattern makers in industry so it ought to be durable.


  2. It's starting to look impressive... so 28mm Vietnam eh? C'mon spill!

  3. You get these daft ideas, you know, hey lets make a PBR. All of a sudden you are watching every Nam movie you have. and making a list of things you want in a 28mm Nam range. Then Paul Hicks says he'll sculpt them for you. Its all downhill from there. Helos up next OH6-A and a UH1-D, and maybe a UH1B gunship / hog

  4. Paul Hicks you say? Okay I'll buy some... I should just give the guy my debit card, almost every figure I own is a Hicks sculpt.

    I appreciate it's early days and you might not have thought this through, but can I make one small request? ARVN with WW2 era weapons... erm make that two... US Marines with M14 rifles ...while you're at it... no I'll stop there. Most ranges give you the impression that not much happened in Vietnam before 1968 for some reason, or that South Vietnam even had soldiers for that matter.

    I'm cringing at the thought of what a UH-1D will cost in 1/56th mind....

  5. Marvin the ARVN ;-]] I know exactly what you mean mate. Hueys will be simplified, the idea being to make them a bit more sturdy, and easier to build than a 1/48th kit.

    Lucky to get Paul onboard, he's possibly the best historial figure sculptor around at the mo, I rate him above the Perries.

  6. So you could do the same with a CH-34?

    I'll stop with the suggestions... probably. I'm sure that if you did what you did with the SCW - start at the beginning and work forwards, I'm sure the range will be just as successful. I'm hoping that I'm not in a minority of one here and that there are enough folk out there who are interested in the beginning rather than the end. I've wanted to 'do' Vietnam, but with the exception of e-bob's 'teasing' with his Recon 28 range, none of the current ranges have appealed to me very much.

    The MAAG era, prior to mass US involvement, offers a lot of potential and more even-sided battles than later, and would provide some unique miniatures. ARVN figures from this era would be good up to 1968, but US advisors with M1 carbines, M3 Grease guns and Swedish Ks only to about 1966. US Marines with M14/M14A1/M60 work from '65 to '68 and might pass for US Army for the few months in 1965 when they too had the M14, if anyone wanted to do that.

    A range by Paul Hicks is a seller imo. I agree with you, he's perhaps the best sculptor around. It's the character he puts into the figures and the natural way they seem to be posed. Kosta Heristanidis from Eureka is not far behind him though and improving all the time. The Perrys come in at third place for me, which is still good.

  7. I'll second Jim's comment about the success of a Hicks/Higgins Vietnam range, especially with an extension into the earlier period. I've got loads of the old Baker Co. figures, but I'd bin'em tomorrow if you two got your collective heads together and that's a fact.