Tuesday, 13 November 2012

A Las Barricadas........ Finito!!

In the usual airy fairy manner, once again we find mr short attention span switching to another one of his "projects"  Digging around trying to locate something else, I found my part finished hasty barricades. So, I thought lets get em squared away, and hey presto..... a finished bit of terrain

Left and right barricades, they can work as stand alone bits, or be joined together to make one big barricade. They are for a more rural setting, so they fit in with the majority of my SCW terrain.

I do need a bigger backdrop though!!! Quite pleased with how these have turned out, so much so. that I got some more SCW stuff out, and will paint a few more bits n bobs.

So, this time I have International Brigades, Moroccans and some more FAI Militia. I also have some buildings underway too.

Also been mucking about with a few headswaps etc, and have come up with this moving Maxim team, amongst others.
I should stick with this stuff really, as I can do a much better paintjob on the models.
still regret selling Anglian, but hey ho is done, and I can't buy it back.


  1. They are great barricades there mate and you should cast them up, as they look so good

  2. Grand stuff Nigel, like the moving Maxim idea, consider it nicked.

  3. That's a great looking barricade!


  4. Nice work Nigel. Love the barricades and the moving maxim.



  5. They are damn nice. I could be doing with something similar.

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