Sunday, 25 November 2012

New Bitz

Been adding to the lead stockpile again, just one or two bits n bobs!!
From Musketeer, some Militia standard bearers from their VBCW range, all of these will get a conversion, mostly headswaps, the chap on the left will be made into part of a moving HMG team, and the chap on the right will get a carlist head, and a nice shiny religious flag to wave.
Workers Militia HMG team, again from Musketeer, I will probably swap the vickers for something more SCW, like a Maxim, may get another one of these, and use them as a Carlist HMG team.
Republican artillery, this time from Empress, i think the gun is a 75mm Schneider. No instructions provided, so  a bit of dry fitting, and reference to photos required. I may add some different figures as well.

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