Saturday, 12 January 2013

Takin a bit of Flak......

Whilst trawling thru the many forums I belong too, I noticed an advert on the Steve Dean forum, selling a Bolt Action 88mm Flak. Its the original metal rendition, prior to the sale of the company to Warlord Games, and its a hefty bit of kit!!!
I love a bargain, so I parted company with some cash, and it duly found its way to Higgins Towers.

Look at it, in all its shiny shiny metal glory. Good thing is, I can leave off the Barndoor shield, and pass it off as a Flak18 as used by the Legion Condor in Spain. The crew will pass muster too, I may swap a couple of heads, or add some more Spanish looking figures to complement them.

Of course every good 88mm requires a towing vehicle, there is the mighty Sdkfz7 that I mastered for Bolt Action

But I thin I shall make myself one of these instead, as they were used in Spain for a multitude of tasks, not just as tows for the 88mm

Henschel D33 truck, nice big heavy duty vehicle, should not be too hard to scratch together.

Sadly it will not get passed on for casting. Following a number of crap comments on various forums, regarding the quality of previous masters I have built, I shall no longer make any more vehicles for other people. Selfish, yes maybe it is, but when you put a lot of effort into making something, its not nice to see it getting trashed in a public forum.
So I shall build for myself, and get a few items cast up, by myself as well.

I have one final model to make for my good friend Paul Hicks, and that will be it from me.
So, sadly that means no PBR either, sorry folks.


  1. I hope you'll re-think that decision. It's surprising how perfectly good items attract unwarranted criticism, that isn't in any way correct or objective. Some people are just gits.

    The 88 would make a great objective for a game, although it might be overkill in your average clash.

  2. I doubt very much that the 88 would ever get deployed, unless I can get a few more tanks painted. It was a bargain, and such a nice model, I had to buy it!!

    I may rethink, at the moment i'm not happy, but these things do change over time.

    1. I don't blame you for buying it. How about an SCW variant of 'Guns of Naverone'... 'Guns of Casa de Campo', or whatever, where our brave Republican heroes have to destroy a flak battery or some such twaddle?

  3. When you consider not mastering any more, please remember the two things everyone has that can type comments on the internet, one being an opinion and the other the opposite end of a brain.

    Of course, if the naysayers had any talent, they'd not have to review your work but rather present their own, much more perfect kit....oh, wait,.....that probably doesn't exist.

    Illegitami non carborundum is the motto for you in this case. Personally I think your stuff is great.

  4. You make great vehicles and I really would not pay strict attention to those who are perfectly willing to criticize what they themselves cannot do. Always remember many posters enjoy criticizing just for sake of it. Learn from the objective critiques and completely ignore the comments that are not useful.


  5. It was the objective critiques that annoyed me. When people start saying stuff like "inaccurate" "poorly detaied" " Scales all wrong", and worst of all "why don't they pay out, and get someone who can make a decent model" I think well if thats how you feel, I shall not trouble you anymore with my poor efforts.

    1. "inaccurate"- Unless it's being specific then it's not useful. If it is then ask yourself if this is true or are they just being to darn anal.

      "poorly detailed"- Well you know that's not true. Are they speaking overall which isn't true or indeed helpful or are they pointing to a particular part of the vehicle that perhaps you could do something about on your next project if they have a point.

      "Scales all wrong"- That's one place you will absolutely never please everyone so forget about that. ie 1/56, 1/60,1/48 etc. all say 28mm with everyone having an opinion on that.

      "why don't they pay out, and get someone who can make a decent model"- Notice how they are not recommending themselves. You know your models are good because proof is in the pudding as folks are buying the product. So for sure blow that off.;-)

      I think you should ignore comments that cannot help you and make use of the constructive critiques that can and pay more attention to the positive feedback then the negative. I hope you change your mind and keep at it.:-)


  6. Don't blame you Nigel,the internet is full of tossers that were bullied at school and see the internet as their chance to be the bully. Good luck to you mate.I have always like your stuff and if it means we are the only ones to see it at the club then good news for us.