Sunday, 6 January 2013

A Few More Pics, and More Drivel!!!

Been over to the New Buckenham gamer's Facebook page, and nicked some better pics!!!

Here's the gang, havin it large!!!

Anarchists having a bit of a stroll

Near Miss for the T26

Geting ready to Defend the walls

XVth Brigade Command

Anarchists on the prowl

XVth Brigade defend the Breach

Foreign Legion with Pz1A support

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

Uh On, Moroccans over there!!

So what else do I need to add to my pie of stuff?
Loads more terrain, including some purpose built boards, more trees, more rough areas, stone walls, Olive groves, Orange Trees, and more scratchbuilt buildings.
I need to bulk out all of my different forces, as I am having to combine bits n bobs to field an effective army or two!!
Add to my Transport collective, i've not got enough trucks, tanks etc.
Do some proper artillery, and add some ancillery bits like a medic or two!!

Project One 2013, Spanish Civil War, watch this space SCW fans!

BTW, here is the club facebook thingy, pop over and give us a "Like"


  1. Smashing stuff!

    I have another suggestion.....

    For games set in 1936 if Republican Militia find themselves outflanked then must take a morale test. This is historically accurate for 1936. From 1937-1939 the militia had been militarised.

    Also Anarchists made far better soldiers than they are ever given credit for both as militia and as units in The Popular Army.

    La Lucha Continua!

  2. A really nice collection you have there! Thanks for the previous comments on the rules too. I'm aware one or two other folk are thinking BA for Vietnam etc too, clearly they are a flexible set of rules.

  3. It seems to be a great game Nigel !!

  4. I'll have to play this one of these nights at the club. It looked really good in the flesh - er, metal.