Saturday, 19 January 2013

The Curious Tale of The Purply Grey Heffalump!!

Got me a Ponderous Pachyderm back from Doug, I got him to paint one for me, whilst I wanted to have a crack at the other one in the unit.

Now Doug has imparted a curiously purple grey hue to the hide of his Elephant, it does not show up so much in the photos. For some really odd reason it looks really rather neat. I dare not attempt the same shade on my one, as it will end up looking very odd, and a lot like something Disney studios created for Winnie the Pooh!!
 So I have decided that caution is the way forwards comrades, and my effort will be a more subtle shade of Browny-Grey, in the best wargaming Elephant tradition!!

He has done a smashing job on the model though. I just need to finish off a couple of skirmishers to add to the larger base that this model will go on.

Studying some interweb pics of Elephants, I did find a few that had a strange and varied tints to their skin. It looks very much like anything goes, from a flat slate grey, through browns and even a Blueish tint.

 I reckon having two completely different coloured elephants in the unit, will be no problem at all. So I had better get my skates on, and start working a few more levels of shading onto my own feeble Elephanty effort.