Thursday, 3 January 2013

GAME ON........................!!!!!

First one of 2013, and its over to New Buckenham on Friday.
Having a crack at the new Bolt Action ruleset for WW2, been thinking of adapting it for the Spanish Civil war. Going to need tweaking here and there for sure, should be interesting!
If it all works out, I may even consider publishing a supplement on t'internet, so other folks can have a go.

Worked out a couple of basic lists for both sides, just so we can see how the actual rules play out.

Republican Force

XVth Brigadas Internacional

Platoon Command
Capitan (R)  Pistol
2 x Runners (R) Rifles 130

1st Section
Cabo (R)
8 x Rifles (R)
LMG Team (R) 120

2nd Section
Cabo (I)
9 x Rifles (I)   70

3rd Section
Cabo (I)
9 x Rifles   70

Compana Support
MMG (R) + shield           75

T-26 Light Tank (V) 150

Iron Column

Columna Command
Delgado 1st Lieut (I)
2 x Runners (I)   60

Section Del Choque
6 x Rifles (I)
2 x SMG(I)
1 x LMG Team(I)
AT Grenades (Dynamite)    98

2nd Section
10 x Rifles (I)   70

Guardia De Assaltos
Cabo SMG (R)
 4 x Assaltos Rifles (R)     53

Somua Armoured Truck,  Turret LMG, Light A/Car (I)       96            Tot  992

(V) Veteran  (R) Regular  (I) Inexperienced

Nationalist Force

Spanish Foreign Legion

Platoon Command
Capitan Pistol (V)
2 x Runners Rifle (V)                            125

Section De Choque
Cabo (V)
3 x Rifles (V)
2 x SMG  (V)
LMG Team (V)                            117

2nd Section
Cabo Rifle (R)
7 x Rifles  (R)                               95

3rd Section
Cabo Rifle (R)
7 x Rifles  (R)                               95

Compana Support
MMG (R)                               50

Moroccan Regulares

Platoon Command
Jefe 2nd Lieut Pistol  (R)
2 x Runners (R)

1st Section
Cabo  Rifle (R)
3 x Rifles  (R)
LMG Team (R)
all equipped with AT Grenades-Tank Hunters                    82

2nd Section
Cabo Rifle (R)
7 x Rifles (R)                            80

Guardia Civil
Cabo Pistol (R)
3 x Rifles (R)
1 x SMG (R)                           53

Panzer 1A Light Tank (R) Turret mount twin HMG 115
Cv3/35 (R) hull mounted twin LMG Light A/Car 70
Light Artillery 65mm (R) Gun Shield,HEd6,Fixed          50 Total 992

(V) Veteran   (R) Regular

Its a good way for me to find out, just how many figures I will need, and judging by these two lists, quite a few!!!
Full report, and some nice shiny photos after we have had a pop.


  1. You might think about changing el pelotón for la sección and changing la sección for la escuadra primera, segunda y tercera before you despligúe en guerilla.


  2. Waw these two armies are so great !

  3. James,I always get them round the wrong bloody way!!! Should know by now. :-)
    Just a couple of scratch armies, but it does show how much more stuff I need to fill an entire force of say International Brigades, without having to rely on FAI militia to make up the numbers.

  4. Changed to the English descriptions, makes it so much easier!!! The Spaniards use the terms in a different way!!!
    As you may have all gathered.!!!

  5. DCT is right, according to the pre-war regulations;

    Sección (Secciones) is the Spanish term for a platoon(s) and Pelotón (Pelotones) is a section(s). Escuadre is a 'squad', of which there were 3 per Pelotón, commanded by a Sargento.

    Two Pelotones made a Sección, which was commanded by a Teniente. In all a Sección was supposed to be composed of fifty two men of all ranks... which means that each escuadre was around 8 men strong, one of whom was the 'Cabo'.

    I'm not certain whether the missing man would be a senior sergeant, or a musician. In a rifle Sección, one escuadre in each Pelotón was an 'Escuadre de fusil-ametralladora' and carried a light machine gun.

    Obviously losses and sickness would vary the numbers, as would availability of equipment, or the seconding of 'weapon' units to formations which didn't have machine guns (Carlists and Falange in the early part of the war), but the basic structure of the company and its sub-units remained constant in both armies amongst the regulars, the 'militarised' of the Republican militias, Carabineros, Asaltos and Guardia Civil (with some small variations).

    The Falange, Carlists and the early Republican militias had their own organisations initially.

    A regular medium machine gun company was fielded as a complete unit, usually the '4th Company' , not broken up, as was more common in WW2. It was treated more like a 'reserve' company, 'shooting in' assaults, or providing 'rear support' on the defensive (as with the 'British Battalion' at Jarama).

    I don't normally link to my blog on other folk's blogs, but I've done some work on the SCW and you might find it of interest or use... or not, but here's the Link anyway.

    I, and I'm sure many others, will of course be interested in what you make of Bolt Action for the SCW, or for that matter, the rules themselves!

  6. Rather spiffy SCW there, Nigel.

  7. Look forward to reading how it goes, I plan to give them a try for the SCW too.

    BTW in the BA Armies of Germany book they class the PzI as an Armoured Carrier @ +7 penetration.


  8. Hmmm a/carrier, sounds about right, does its get twin LMG @ 6 shots?

  9. It just says 2 turret mounted MMG's, so I would assume it gets 8 shots.

  10. makes it a nasty anti-infantry weapon!! Will make Italian CV3s nasty little buggers too.