Saturday, 29 December 2012

The Snowball Effect!!!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, you folks will recognise this I'm sure.

Its another frosty Christmas Day Morning, Mr H is opening his enormous stack of pressies, and finds that his wonderful wife has purchased him what is known as, " A Nigel Looking Book"

Of course, its very much my sort of thing, I've read most of Mr Cornwell's books, and enjoy them a lot. They have proved to be the catalyst for many a gaming project ( most of which lie hiding in various boxes in the Loft of Shame).
So, this gets the old brain cell working, and a quick perusal of my extensive library, unearths a collection from days gone by.

and in the dark recesses of the Loft of Shame, some boxes are retrieved.

and the brain cell goes into overdrive, figures are counted. lists are made
and bases worked out

A bit more rummaging, and the desk now looks like this

Welcome to the new, old, resurrected Teutonic Order Basic Impetus army circa 1410.

See game fans I have not let you down..........................Oooooooooooooohhhhh shiny strikes again!!!

Two 2013 projects on the list, Spanish Civil War and Teutonic Order. Place your bets folks, how soon before he's off on one again?


  1. If Frank ever establishes an award in his name you'll probably win it!


  2. I'd say the Knights are ahead out of the gate, but the SCW is strong in the backstretch!

  3. Two great projects Nigel ! You plan to paint the ennemies of Teutonics too ?

    Aah and if you have a bit of time, I'm still interested by the colours you have used for your IB uniforms ! ;)


  4. You forgot Vietnam... or were you hoping we'd forget? lol

  5. No, still have an unfinished PBR laying about somewhere, just need to figure out how to do some bits to make it castable.

  6. J-B, I will do that list for you mate, just got a bit sidetracked!!!

  7. Get cracking on that PBR! Can't wait to see what Paul will do with the crew. ;-)

  8. Nice work, Nigel! Wear that lead mountain down! ;)