Saturday, 8 December 2012

Whats on the Desk Nige?

I could ramble on, about a fantastic new period I have got into, off on another mad tangent, but no, hold on there folks, I have stuck with something I was already working on!!

The desk has undergone a Spanish Civil War invasion, as I battle on with the huge lead mountain left over from my sale of Anglian!!  ( of course I've added stuff to the pile, be criminal not to you know)
Starting on the right hand side, we have two converted Perry Miniatures priests, to inspire the Army of the Righteous, in the shape of my Carlist forces, moving along, additions to the International Brigades, a few light support weapons to help the cause. Lurking around in the background, we have some Moroccan Regulares, sneaky little beggars that they are.
Over on the left, the FAI still get a few additions, as does the Foreign Legion. I'm still battling on with the Anarchist vehicle convoy, and have added to the stash, with a few select diecast purchases.

and finally, right at the front, a group nearing completion, International Brigade moving Maxim team, and a couple of riflemen.
I would like to say I shall be sticking with these for a while, but you all know by now, that is not something that I tend to do.......................................oohhhhhh look new shiny things!!


  1. Nice collection and conversions there chap

  2. Hi Nigel,

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