Saturday, 11 July 2015

Summers Here, and once again............

Its time to resurrect that Pyrrhic army, you remember them don't you?

Forlornly hanging around the edges of the painting desk, in their various half painted states, thinking to themselves

You see, it goes like this

Crash, bang, wallop, and a desk full of twisted plasticard, tortured into various bits, its all the fault of that Mad Max bloke, and his Fury Road nonsense. My head was easily turned, seduced by the world of roaring V8 engines, and the prospect of racing across the Post Apocalyptic world, in the hunt for Guzzoline, and my own harem of foxy breeders.

I've spent many a fruitless hour, trying to hack and melt my own little fleet of mental vehicles, the finished result, well its one solitary Motorcycle, and that has taken me an age to finish. Have to face it, I am not very good at this model making malarkey.

Admitting defeat, I carefully pack away the plasticard, and seal the lid of the liquid poly firmly shut, Then the rummaging starts, like some grey haired ferret, I sniff my way through the stack of boxes lurking under the desk.

 first off we find some half painted SCW figs (remember that project), and they duly take their place on the desk of doom...............painty painty painty, brown, khaki, drab, boring, fed up, back into box.

Then, its time for King Arthur to ride out, galloping across the desk, cloak flying in the breeze, along with his stalwart men, they face the Saxon hoard ( well ok, three figures blu-tacked onto some old paint lids) I work out how many figures I need, for a game of Dux Britttanorwhotsit ( remember that project?)  and discover that perhaps my willpower will not stretch that far, and I would like to have a game with something I have managed to paint, before the end of summer comes.

I cry a little bit, and as I wipe away the tears of frustration, my eye falls on a single random little fellow, there he is lying all innocent like, on the desk lamp base.
I pick him up, and place him carefully onto the desk

Mr Grey, although not in the 50 shades sense, but rather the hard polystyrene version.
I'd forgotten all about him, and his placcy mates, so here we have the best of both worlds, some plastic to hack and melt, followed by a bit of painty painty, in some nice fetching shades.
A big shiny box of Victrix Italian Allies, and they look like nice little fellows to paint too.
So units to add, figures to paint, and some new rules to boot.

With a sweep of his mighty hand, the desk now looks like this

Yes, Pyrrhus is back, and this time its war, Fat Boy Higgins v The Eagle King

and I shall get them finished, they will take their rightful place, upon the hallowed boards of New Buckenham Historical Wargames Club
To hack and slay their way through the mighty opponents placed against them. Victory shall be ours, unless of course we have to face that Lee Abbott bloke and his uncanny dice throwing skills.

Ohh the thrill of it all

Next time out, I will be reviewing a few new bits n bobs, the Victrix figures, and a quick dekko at the Sword and Spear rules I want to have a crack at.

There is always a chance, I may get distracted
Ooooooooohhh lookie here, Sid James and some naked fella.............

Until next time gang



  1. Great post, a most excellent bike, and where did you get that Johnny Bravo figure (next to the bike)?

  2. Johnny Bravo is from Fenris Games, one of their APEX investigators :-)

  3. You seem to follow the exact method I use to choose a new project. Great post!

  4. Great post Nigel and I am glad to see its not just man that get distracted lol

  5. Thank for your very good article! i always enjoy & read the post you are sharing!