Sunday, 19 July 2015

I'm Getting Board..................

As the summer slowly ticks away, I've suddenly realised, that if I want to take advantage of the nice weather, I had best get my arse into gear :-)

I have these boards to do you see, as New Buckingham don't possess any sandy, scrub type terrain, I thought I should make some of my own to take over, of course there is an ulterior motive to this, I want to do the boards, so I can use them to put on a game at a show, this show most likely being one of the Partizan ones.

So, into the garage I dive, and dig out the collection of pink boards, then lay them out on the grass to have a dekko at what I have.

So people, here is the cunning plan.
The board will be sort of flat, up to the bit at the end, where it will climb up towards a small plateau

The hill section at the end will consist of a small village town, climbing up to a church at the top.

Something along those lines, with perhaps not so many buildings, more perhaps like this

Now I have a problem do I embed the road sections into the boards, or make some lay on stuff to use instead?
I suppose, using lay on sections will mean the boards will get more use, making them a bit more generic, I shall have to experiment with some bits n bobs, and see what I can come up with

So, a little bit of work to do, and first off, I will try to shape the hill section at the end, and then work out the layout of the town. I already have a church, it will get a few alterations, so it does not look like the original model (Empress) can't be having that now can we :-)

Ok, so the game will consist of, the road to Madrid, running down the rough centre of the board, the town/village on the hill, the rest of the terrain I will figure out as I go along.

I do want to include an Olive Tree plantation, along with a little processing plant, and that will be made from this

I kinda threw this together, just to get it on the board for a game on two, and its really not that well painted,  so bringing it back to life is another little side project, plus I get to practise a bit with painting buildings, and yes It won't be a twee little whitewashed job.
I don't like the roof, these tile sheets, are just far too uniform, so that just has to go.
I managed to pick up some sheets on E-Bay, the idea now being to cut them up, and do a bit of subtle rearranging, to get a more random look to them, and this messing about with tile sheets is all going to help in the long run, as there will be a few roofs to construct.
The model will get a new board to sit on, with some added scenic items to set the scene, and I am going to replace all the doors, with something more Spanish looking.

Hoping to post some progress pics as I put it all together.

So keep watching folks.


  1. Good stuff, Nigel. I'm looking forward to seeing how it all comes together.

  2. I cant wait to see what you come up with and look forward to this with great interest

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