Sunday, 26 July 2015

Random Musings on a Rainy Weekend...........

After the somewhat optimistic post about taking advantage of the nice weather, I find myself gazing through the rain streaked window, watching the gale force wind ,swirling various things around our lovely garden, summertime has been and gone, end of July, more like bloody November here at Higgins Towers.

Not the most ideal weather, for a session of making terrain boards on the patio.

   Driven indoors, and at a bit of a loose end, yes ok, I did say I would finish Pyrrhus, but I did'nt enjoy painting the models, and the frustration at my inability, to plonk some pigment on a Cretan Archer, had me desk diving again.
 The dedicated followers of my idiot ravings on here know by now, that means,
 I will find something, then get fixated, try to paint it, get frustrated, put it away, sulk a bit, then, hmmm I wonder whats under there?.................I think you can understand the cycle of despair by now.

    Well, Spain has returned to the desk, I had the lads on standby anyway, so it was a simple process to push Pyrrhus into a box, and fill the desk with random Anarchists, and a token ethnic minority, in the shape of a Moroccan cavalry scout I have converted.

 We now have this view, when we plant our fat arse onto the leather desk chair.

Lets have a closer look

Its mostly militia on this side, in various stages of paintyness, lots of converted loveliness in this lot, mostly head swappery, so we have a few lovely ladies, a wounded Legionario, with an attending Medico. Over the back there is the Moroccan scout, and accompaniying him, we have a Militia despatch rider slaking his thirst, whilst holding his trusty Motorcycle. The other two models are crew from the Anarchist car, remember that project? :-)

I work on a number of figures at a time, so you tend to find a weird selection of half painted nonsense littering my painting space, as I get towards finishing an individual figure, I then concentrate on that one, and try to get it off the lids, and onto a base.
The figures on the right are a lot further forwards, and I will try to get those squared away this week.
No organisation at all, and thats perhaps why I don't get a lot of stuff done.

Down here, we have some Legionarios, the plan was to send these "up North" to the talented Andrew Taylor, to get him to slap some of his excellent paintyness onto them. Sadly, real life intervenes, and I have limited funds, so I shall have to add my own Paintyness to them, until my financial embarrassment passes, and I can employ Mr Taylor's talents on some other models.

Sometimes though, you get some completed models, and this motley crew will be joining the FAI/CNT force, once I get their basework squared away
From left to right, converted Anglian/Empress militiaman (headswap) Footsore/Musketeer Brigand, Anglian/Empress Militia, with a Crooked Dice Female head swap, and on the end, an Artisan Design partisan/resistance fighter. Just goes to show how a little application, and a careful trawl through various ranges, can add a lot of variety to your militia force.

For those of you how wish to engage in some head switching fun, I shall point you in the general direction of this, rather iffy, video presentation, which may, or may not help you in your endeavours.


  1. Nice group of militia types there but I am still scared of head swaps.

  2. They look nice, Nigel. Your head-swap tutorial is very useful. One of these days I'll try it.