Monday, 5 May 2014

Giddy Up and Brrrrmmmmmm

Back to the heat of Spain, and the pile of Spanish Civil War stuff laying about the desk of doom.
Easing myself gently back into the figure molesting malarkey, after a few months of hacking plasticard, and sniffing MekPak.
So we are starting with a couple of forms of one man transportation.

The Horseman is an obvious one, he will end up as a mounted Miliciano, keeping his eye on the road to Madrid. A simple head swap, on one of the Musketeer Miniatures BUF cavalry, and he gets a horse I happen to have laying about.
The motorcyclist however, will require some "surgery", as will his mode of transport. The bike is German WW2, from Foundry, I'm guessing its a BMW, lots of flash, and missing a fair bit of detail, that is of course until I have finished farting about with it!!
The figure, well, he will have a head swap, his Bugle removed ( ooooohhh Matron, that sounds painful) and he will lose the rifle, have that hand twisted round to grip the bike handlebars,the other hand will hold a suitable receptacle for the transportation of fluids ( bottle ,or water bottle)

The fun has already begun, and this is the progress so far :-)

So, the Spanish Civil War project lurches back into view, and takes its place on the desk, I shall be alternating between this, and some more plasticard butchery, and for those interested parties, here's how the nearly completed Fenris Games 4x4 ended up looking like

The old git, still has it, he just need to do a lot more of it.
until next time kids.
Be careful with those scalpels, and keep sniffing the glue.


  1. Nice work, Nigel. I read about head-swaps for figures, but not having done any myself I'm not sure how hard/easy it is. Any pointers you could give a fellow old fart?

  2. Good to see you getting back into the swing of things and I'm looking forwards to seeing how these conversions turn out!