Saturday, 10 May 2014

A Slow Advance..........No Rushing Forwards Here!!!

Not a lot done on the figure fondling front this week, have been busy penning an article for Wargames Soldiers and Strategy Magazine, all about the dark art of scratch building :-)

So just a teeny weeny update, and some idiot musings for your perusal this time.
More old pony, and motorcycling madness on the desk, lets have a dekko at the pony rider first
I've done a small amount of work, mostly on the horse, just need to highlight the mane and tail, then its onto the horse furniture. The Militia man has had the base colour of his jacket/shirt put on, and the black base of his gorillo hat painted on, I've started to lay on the dark pre shade on his ammunition bandolier, will crack a bit more tomorrow, as I have a few painting hours planned.
The biker? Well he's coming on a treat, and I'm a bit chuffed with how he's looking. The head swap is done, and I removed the bugle, and rifle. Scratchbuilt him a canteen, and he's taking a well earned drink after blasting his way to the HQ, with a despatch. The bike is an ongoing thing at the moment. I've added the saddlebags, and filed away a big square lump on the tank, in an effort to make the model less "German" looking Next step, scratch build some handlebars, and a good clean up of all the mould lines.

A bit of ebay jiggery poker, and I am now the proud owner of this
A good old Schnieder CA1, more rubbish armour to frustrate the lads in a game or two. I think its a Company B model, its pretty good too.

Finally, I made the trip back over to New Buckenham, and had my first game in a very long time. You need to keep playing, just to keep your enthusiasm going. Its always a bit of a danger going over there, as you can easily be led astray, and before you know it, you are tip tapping away, and ordering more dead lead to add to the stockpile!!!
This time round however, I came the the realisation, that I have far too much stuff, in different periods that I will never be able to get round to painting, so, some of it will have to go.
I am concentrating my efforts now, on my SCW stuff, and the last leg of the Pyhrric army that has haunted my painting desk for too many months to mention. In between burst of frenetic painty type activity, I will be making various models too.

Until next time painting comrades.


  1. Lovely work there Nigel and that one of Bill's BUF militia?

  2. Like your conversions, good to see you whittling away at it all. Must get back to my SCW stuff at some point.

  3. Yep, the figure on the horse is a converted Musketeer Miniature, they make perfect SCW mounted figures, just need a head swap. Busy trawling thru various sites hunting for seated figures, need some bus passengers!!!