Saturday, 5 April 2014

A.P.EX and other things that go bump in the night!

What happens?
Well, you see a picture, normally on FaceBook, of something from a company, lets say Fenris Games, of some models, lets call them figures, painted by someone you know, lets call him Jon Atter

Then you decide, oohhh I could get some of them, and you promptly send off an order, and this turns up

The latest set of A.P.EX investigators from Ian at Fenris Games, so lets give em a quick and dirty VI review
Here they all are, five very well sculpted models, by I do believe, Mark Evans. All the models are cleanly cast, and have a minimum of flash, and mould lines, requiring little more than a quick pass over with some files to clean them up.
They are slotta tabbed, and you either, love , or hate this. I shall remove all the tabs, drill and pin them to the nice resin bases that were also included.
So, lets have a look at the individuals in this crew.
This young lady is a hacker, armed with a tablet computer/smart phone, she has some other gear stashed in her pockets. In my team, she will serve purpose as a Tech Investigator, and the device in her hand can be an EMF meter, or a voice recorder.
Nicely sculpted model, with a lot of uses in any post modern type game.
Now this lady is your team psychic, armed with a selection of arcane devices, she stands as the last line of defence, from the evil things that lurk Out There in the darkness.
Another wonderful sculpt, full of character, and with a bit of careful painting, you will be rewarded with an eye catching model for your games. My young lady will get the full "goth" treatment, to make her dark and mysterious
Next we have a younger fellow, in a mesh cap, worn in classic style, back to front.Hand on his belt, maybe reaching for a side arm, or a bit of technical kit. Would make a good security guard as well as an investigator.
Armed with what every good good Paranormal investigator needs, a decent flashlight!!
This figure reaches for his sidearm, as he spots something lurking in the shadows thrown by the light of his torch. Useful figure once again a multitude of uses.
And finally, we have this portly chap armed with a riot baton, and not much else!!
Not sure what role to give him yet, another possible psychic maybe. Still another great figure, with lots of character, and useable as a survivor for those zombie games, or a post apoc wanderer.

All in all, five very nice figures, and all have their uses.
I also got a bumper bag of resin bases
More than enough to base up the five models in the set.
More pics if I manage to actually slap some paint on them!!!

So all I need now, is to persuade some fab sculptor to make some suitable effigies of my own group!!

Later folks in the meantime please enjoy this short video interlude :-)

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