Saturday, 29 March 2014

Its all coming together very nicely.......

Have cracked on apace with this model, and have reached roughly the halfway point.
Tried really hard to give gamers a flexible option, so you can configure the guns how you want.
We may even make a series of different loads for the rear section, to enable you to customise it even more.

As you can see, you can configure it as a patrol vehicle with just theM240 LMG, or as ` heavy support "gun truck" with the 50cal and M240

Now to crack on with the interior detailing, and to add the reast of the exterior equipment, I'm going to make up a selection of various antennae, spotlights, cameras and other assorted gubbins, so you can customise to your hearts content.

More pics as we progress, and I may treat you to some APC pics as well.


  1. Speaking as someone who struggled with the Airfix Spitfire, it's always a wonder watching your models take shape. Good work!


  2. Colour me envious, Nigel! I've nowhere near your talents at building models like these. Nice job!

  3. This is looking very good and reminds me of the technicals used in the Terminator films

  4. Stunning work! 28mm auto-duellists will love this too :) Any ram/bull bars planned?