Saturday, 15 March 2014

Not Painting, but still going :-)

My painting progress has come to a grinding halt.......................but, I am glueing, and hacking like a madman!!!!!

Have taken on a project for Fenris Games, to build some transport for their APEX figure range. For those of you not familiar with the range, here are some examples, painted by the mega talented Andrew Taylor.

The models represent the team members you may need as you conduct investigations for
Association for Paranormal and EXtra terrestrial affairs

So, I have offered to create some transport for them, and using this
For inspiration. I have started to whack together assorted bits of plastic, in a vain attempt to make my own version!!
I've also dug out an old project for a near future APC, and together, these models will be the start, of what I hope, will turn out to be a comprehensive range of support equipment for the range.
So here's a few pics of the progress so far

I will try to keep the blog updated with progress pics as I go along
Cue moody B&W pic of a pensive idiot thinking "what the bloody hell am I doing here!!?"

Until next time folks
Keep sniffing the MekPak


  1. Your vehicles do already look great.

  2. I've always been impressed with your vehicles mate, especially as I can't model for toffee. Keep it up and let's fseem the finished vehicles. I'll look and weep!


  3. Those look great old chap, good to see your still at it.