Saturday, 28 April 2012

New Empress Stuff

Empress have released a couple of models that will prove very useful for all us SCW fans!!

First up Italian Autocarretta OM35

Having the faint look of "milk float" about it!! I like this model, and it has a lot of use from the Abbysinia campaign, through the Spanish Civil War, and into WW2. Used as a gun tow, as well as a supply vehicle
Will look good with a battered, and slightly used paintjob 
(BTW this is a 1/35th example!!)

We also get a very neat Canon de 75mm, I assume its the Modelle 1897 variant, as opposed to the Schnieder one.
 It comes complete with a crew, and some odds n sods to add to the base. Its a fairly generic crew, so the VBCW fans can get some use from it. I will probably swap a few heads to get some with tinhats on. Empress may offer the crew as a seperate pack, and I think this is a good idea, so we get a chance to add them to some other gun models, for a bit of variety.
A Schnieder Version in Spain
Vickers 105mm, but you get the idea of the crew in this one.

A full review when I get enough cash together to buy both the models. Needless to say however, from the photos, I don't think I will be disappointed, they llok like a couple of cracking models.

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