Friday, 6 April 2012

Houses- Hmmmmmm

 One of the things about getting interested in stuff,  is the fact you learn a lot of new facts!!
I've fallen into the "Spanish houses are white" trap, and consequently I have a collection of very touristy white washed buildings!! Now this craze for white houses apparently took off in the 1960's, and is more prevalent along the Mediteranean coast. Inland the story is a little different.

You of course get a few off-white buildings, but the majority seem to be very warm shades of sienna and ochre. The pantiled roofs are multi-colored, rather than one overall shade of Terracotta. So I have decided on the rather drastic task, of repainting the buildings I have, into more authentic shades!!
I purchased a bargain book from Amazon, this has a host of useful images to help me along the way, coupled with some choice "Googling" I am now armed with a selection of reference pics for the task ahead.


  1. That's exactly what one of my spanish friend has told me. White houses are more mediterranean and in the south of Spain. So my next buidings will be in shades of sienna, ochre and 'earth'.

  2. I can scan some of the images from the book, and send them over if it helps. Quite looking forwards to repainting some of mine, and having a go at makng some models like the ones in the pictures.

  3. Nice painting. I have a few of the Empress figures myself, very nice and easy on my painting skills-which are rather less than yours! I liked your take on the evolution of colors on hte buildings as well. Keep up the good work!

  4. Aaahhhh don;t be fooled by all the pics on here, not everything is painted by me ;-]]
    The Guardia Civil in the bottom photo were paited by Andrew Taylor,and her is really rather good at this painting lark.
    I've seen some good painting just utilising block colours, and those army painter dips. I am rather envious of people who can knock out a massive number of figures, get them based and playing in a short amount of time. I probably paint about 1 figure to their 20!!

    thanks for the comments