Friday, 6 April 2012

Creating a Website

Trawling thru my collection of Spanish Civil War pictures culled from t'internet, I suddenly had this spark of an idea. Why not create a new website using the info, and pics I have. A sort of complete resource for gaming the period. It will take me a few months to put it all together, and hopefully, it might even turn out to be half decent!!!!


  1. It's of course a great idea Nigel ! :)

    Do you know this great reenactement SCW association ?

    And the Facebook page is much better with a lot of nice and rare pictures of time :


  2. Cheers Jean-Baptiste

    I will drop them a line about using some of their imagery. I may also want to pinch some pics of your figures, as you have some fantastic images of your own work on your blog. Of course I shall credit you, and post a link too.


  3. There's of course no problem for using my images. ;)