Saturday, 18 April 2015

This Week, I Shall Mostly Be Painting..............

The Letter P

Taking their positions on the painting table, we have, in no particular order

Pyrrhic Army For Impetus

As a result of the incessant badgering I received when out drinking with the New Buckingham War-games crowd, these long forgotten lads have crept back onto the table.
I "only" need to do the Cretan Archers (at the front) and the Greek cavalry (at the back) plus a general to lead the army ( I have a suitable Pyrrhus) and its game time
note the use of "only" because in the language of the Villageidiot this means I will take an age, making sure every little detail, and shady bit is done to my satisfaction.
I'm a perfectionist like that (tosser)

Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth for ?

In a concerted effort to cause myself the maximum amount of pain, and frustration, I have elected to re-start the torment of trying to paint the Poles.
I would say its because I like a challenge, but its more the fact that the masochist in me desires the torture of trying to make a decent job of them.

Lovely models from the Assault Group's fairly large Renaissance Range

Expect them to last about, oooohhhh a week or so, before they return to their cardboard box under the desk.

It may not have escaped your attention, than Spain has mostly fallen off the painting desk, well I got bored painting them TBH. All that khaki drab gets a bit tiring old bean.

 I was hoping that Empress would release some new figures for the range, at Salute, but it seems that we will get nothing else added, which is a bit of a shame.

I'm sure that I will get sick of lurid colours, and blokes with wings, and will crave the subtle tones of the SCW once more

You Know What I Am Like

Cheers folks, see you all soon, hopefully with a finished army...............

Don't hold your breath though.


  1. The Polish should be fun to paint. One of the best looking uniforms ever.

  2. Empress have several new releases for Spain this year ;-)