Monday, 25 August 2014

Not Painting, but Hacking

Yes, I know, how long did it last?
As any budding gaming type person knows, us folks have the attention span of Goldfish.
I've put various projects on hold again (in boxes under the desk) as I have a new role to play.

Post Apoc, MadMax type pursuit game

Yes thats it, I'm building cars,bikes and other assorted vehicle masters, plus I get some input on how the rules will play out.
Can't say too much right now, as its in its very, very ,very early stages, but a sneaky peek is always in order

So here we go,the first model, a bike, from daft idea, to where it is now.

Its a slow old process, I can make stuff, but I take an age to do so
Anyway, I think this has legs, and will continue to take some "in progress" pics, so you folks can see how my tortured mind moves this model forwards

                            Gentlemen, Start your Engines