Saturday, 8 June 2013

Post Partizan Errrrrrrrrr.......................Post!

Bit late, but thats to be expected from this lazy git.
   Had a fantastic day at the show, from the rugby and army stories on the way up, meeting up with some good mates once there, the wandering about buying stuff, and chatting to various folk and the journey home.
   On arrival, we noticed the cars, a lot of cars in fact, parked all along the grass verge of the the road leading up to the hall. We dump Stuart's trusty VW (no turbo), and make our way round to the new front entrance. A different route round this time, with a couple of new rooms to check out.
  The show is very busy, and thats great to see, I have a great fondness of this show, and the last few times I have attended, the show has been noticibly quieter, never a good thing.
  A usual I forget that I have brought along a camera, but do manange a few snaps of a couple of games. Overall, the quality of the games on show is very high, and there is a good mix of different period genres for the casual observer to enjoy.

Spent a long time chatting to the League of Augsburg chaps about their game, and the really rather good figure range from Warfare Miniatures. If you want lesson on how to do a display game, and to engage with the wargaming public, then look no further that these good people. Friendly, informative, helpful, and amusing, even when a hoplesss old duffer like me, spent an age talking bollocks about thier chosen period!!
I was a bit confused about this glory of the sun king, war of the spanish sucession, kingbilly business, but a chat with these gents, helped me work a few things out. With a growing interest in this period at the New Buckenham club, I have a feeling that some purchases will be made later. I like the idea of King Billy fighting the Jacobites.

The game featured some fantastically painted miniatures, and some equally inpressivr looking flags.

Of course, time was spent, propping up the bar, and good grief I have turned into a regular fat bastard!!
Me, Stuart, Lee and Gaz enojoying a drink, and a chinwag.

Another game that caught my eye, was put on by The Bunker, this year's big thing could be the Steampunk Genre, and this game featured all sorts of novel things relating to this. Plus an excellent selection of both ready made, and scratchbuilt buildings. Always on the lookout for new ideas, I picked up a few tips from Sean, who runs The Bunker, including how to use the plastic containers from caramel shortbread to make roof skylights!!
I never got around to all of the games, as I spent far too bloody long talking rubbish, highlights for me were the Raphia game, a big and really rather impressive selection of 28mm Sucessors going hell for leather.& The VBCW game, always worth a look, as they have such a wonderfully varied selection of things on the table, some of which are quite bonkers!!

Money of course, was spent. I had a few ideas of things I wanted to pick up, and did not go mad
First of all, couple of packs of Perry Minis, their new WW2 Italians, just a sample pack to see if they will fit in with my old Anglian CTV, (more on that in another post) and an ACW ambulance wagon, that will get converted for use in my SCW collection.
Wargames Foundry, and some Partizans to use as FAI/CNT militia, they fit in very nicely with all my existing models, plus a pack of German bikes to convert as well
A bit of jiggery pokery involved, but I reckon I could get a good selection of dodgy looking bike riders together, plus the litle bikes will help me get an idea of size, as I am building one of these for Warlord Games!!

And, finally

Some very fine railings from Ian at Fenris Games. I had been eyeing these up for a good while,on the Fenris Games website, but was unsure how clunky they would be. As it turns out, not very clunky at all, and will make excellent railings, and window grilles for the Spanish houses that I have planned. I will get a few more packs of different styles to add a bit of variety.

Was it worth the trip? Yeah of course it was. I had a cracking day, and came home feeling just a bit inspired to get off my arse, and get painting, and modelling again, and that my good friends, is not a bad thing at all

One final word of warning



  1. Yep, a damn' fine day. "Fat bastard"? I didn't notice any anorexics there! The general standard of personal hygiene was good though.

    Want uniform info for your new project? I've got it . . .


  2. Not a project yet!! but Stuart might need what you have got.

  3. Nice pics. Hope to make it next year!