Sunday, 23 June 2013

Its All Gone Guerra Civil Espanola Round Here!!

There were Pyhrrics on the desk and the Anarchists said shift over, shift over... so they all shifted over, and the Pyhrrics fell off!!

Yep, a seasonal shift to sunnier climes, the desk gets reshuffled, and the creaking mass that is my SCW collection lurches back onto the central stage!
The usual muddled mess, of various factions, bits n bobs and other nonsense, like Ancient Germans, who are to be converted to SCW artillery crew!!
Down to the tabletop view, much loved by us gamers, I will eventually get that bloody priest finished, and off my desk. I have a lovely shiny church to go with him, and that needs painting too.
The help with the painting tasks ahead
, I slipped over to the trusy iMac and a short visit to Ken Bromley's art supplies page, and I part with an eye-watering amount of money to purchase some W&N brushes

Yes, they cost a fair bit, but if you take good care of them, they will last a bloody long time, and they are excellent to paint with.
I've also rummaged in the depths of my store cupboard, and will be getting myself re-aquianted with this little lot
I have a shitload of vehicles to paint, and there is no better tool to paint vehicles, than an airbush

As you can see, there are one or two in my stockpile to work through, and this little stash does not include any of my trucks and buses!!
So just a few things to keep me busy busy busy, but in the famous words of of a certain wellie wearing comedian " and there's more", not content with mere painting, I have been busy looking for construction materials for making houses. I struck it lucky, and found a Chinese retailer seliing some decent looking sheets of Pantile roof
I duly ordered a few sheets, they are a little bit uniform, but will save me a lot of time, as I had been reduced to scratchbuilding my own

Painstaking work, as every tile is individually cut, filed, and stuck on!!
The end result will be very realistic, and I shall continue to finish if off, and then send it over to Ian at Fenris Games, so he can cast it up, and add it to his useful range, my pain will be your gain folks.

In a final moment of utter madness, I have agreed to write an article(s) for my mate Guy Bowers the editing head honcho at "Wargames Soldiers and Strategy" I was going down the using the new fangled Bolt Action rules for the SCW, but think a more introduction to the period, with a few ideas around what you can do to modify rules and lists to suit, may be more useful.

Lots to do, could be a very stressful time, so I think one of the things I found in my cupboard rummaging could be seeing a fair bit of use over the coming weeks!!

Until next time folks, and then I might even have a painted figure or two to show you.


  1. Cor, just when I thought you were on the straight and narrow with some League of Augsburg stuff, this happens . . . .


  2. Stuart will buy loads of that, and have it painted, up the club, and in a game before i can even undercoat one!! I thankfully resisted the urge to make a huge purchase, and the desperate ohhh shiny got to have them feeling has passed.

  3. Wow that is shedloads of stuff there but I do like seeing your SCW stuff. One question who makes those cars?

  4. Danbury mint, there are a few different series of them, the ones I have are 1/55th scale.