Sunday, 10 February 2013


Afficianados of this blog will be familar with the constantly shifting vista, that is my work desk.
After reviewing my financial situation (see previous post) I have delved into the boxes under the desk, and resurrected the following items for my attention.

what follows is a quick breakdown of each item, and what work will be attempted on them!!

First of all

Breda turret for the Panzer 1A, free from the constraints of making it castable, this will hopefully turn out to be a nicely detailed model of the upgunned little tank, and looking at the paintjob on the model, I shall be returning to it with a selection of weathering materials to give it that "battered about" look. Its far too clean at the mo!!!
Next we have
 The much used Autobus, this was a Chinese diecast model of a 1950's Mercedes bus, I have hacked off the front end, so I can remake a much more 1930's looking bonnet, and mudguard section. The idea being, that I can use the remade front section to make a silicon mould, and cast myself some more, to convert the other four buses I have stashed away. I also have a selection of seated figures, that will also get moulded, so i can fill them with a suitable selection of dodgy passengers.
The original bus model was 1/55th scale, and fits in perfectly, reguardless of what other folks might say, with the figures I'm using.

Moving along, next in line
The desk is  not complete, without a selection of figures, in various stages of completion. This little bunch consists of three Moroccan Regulares, and an LMG and Mortar support for the International Brigade unit.

And , finally!!

The Hispano-Suiza lead car for the Militia Columna, this little selection has been on, and off more times then Katie Price's knickers!!
I am determined to get this model finished, the crew all hang off in various places, and it will get covered in the usual selection of graffiti found on these vehicles.

Thats it for now folks, more as they get done!!!


  1. Great ! Greart ! Great !
    Viva la revolucion ;)
    See you soon.
    Philippe (El Frances)