Saturday, 9 February 2013

Reality Strikes Home

Much as I like to flit from one unfinished pile of tat, to another................The harsh reality has finally hit home, I simply canot afford to buy anything else on a grand scale :-(
In real terms, my wages have not increased, whereas everything else has!!! Belt tightning is the name of the game now, I reckon I have about £20 per month I can realistically spend on the hobby, plus anything I can make on the side, by flogging off the piles of dead lead I have laying around.

I have the capability to make a lot of my own stuff, especially on the vehicle and terrain front, so the project list will concentrate around this area.

I have enough figures stockpiled to finish the Pyhrric army, and plenty of lead from my Anglian days.
I have looked into putting together a website to introduce the SCW to the gaming masses, and help point interested parties in the right direction. I also have the beginnings of a set of period lists for the Bolt Action rules, that I shall make available once finished. So thats me sorted for a few months.

For interested parties, this month's £20 was invested last night, in the shape of four pink polyboards from B&Q, they are currently on offer in the Gt Yarmouth store at £5 a pop, which ain't too bad at all.
I have been out on relief, covering another  Barclays branch for work, and I get paid travel money for this, I have calculated that after fuel costs, I have another £10 to play with, and shall be picking up another two of the boards, that should give me enough for the table size I want to put together.

The desk will be cleared today, and the project resurrection will begin with my Spanish Civil War stuff. Guy Bowers, the editor of Wargames Soldiers and Strategy magazine has offered me the chance to write an article for the publication, something SCW based, which hopefully, will give me the extra boost I need to do some more work on my collection.
Also going to get my arse over to New Buckenham, with the SCW stuff, and arrange another Bolt Action game, with a few rules additions, and army lists to try out.

The aim now being to construct a demo game to take over to the  Partizan show, no idea which one, but I think the first show at the beginning of June, is a bit too early for me to get the game sorted by then, so September looks a realistic option.



  1. You'll have to see Frank for some counselling! ;O)

  2. Tough times, they are. I'm trying to watch the pennies, too...

  3. Yep, it's no fun for me either right now, so I know how you feel. It sucks having to sell-off stuff I've spent years collecting. =(

  4. The Partizan show is in June and I look forward to seeing your game there. The VBCWers will be putting on there usually game.

  5. Nigel, that SCW website is a brilliant idea - look forward to it and the WSS article, Norman