Saturday, 6 October 2012

More Saxon Violence

I always thought my mate Chris Cope was bonkers, most of his collection is based around events involving Gt Britain in some way, shape or form. He says it appeals to him a lot more. I can now undersyand a little, where he is coming from. I've been busy beavering away on a 28mm Pyrrhic army for Impetus, I like the look of the army, and the whole Pyrrhos thing I find quite interesting. However, laying about my desk are various "projects" all in a state of progress, that I keep flitting back to, and the 28mm Romano-Brits v Saxons stuff, is now really starting to appeal to me. There are local connections, with the Saxon Shore fort at Burgh Castle, and the whole "Lost Lands" business of E Anglia.

So I drifted back to good old GB, put Pyrrhos in his box, and got Arthur and the gang back on the desk.
The first of the Saxons now nearing completion, just the bases to do on these.
Musketeer Minis from the talented paws of Bill Thornhill, smashing figures to paint as well.
Romano-British, from Gripping Beast, these are from an army I picked up on eBay, I have re-worked the flesh area, and the metals, added LBMS shield transfers, and replaced the bendy lead spears with some nice brass ones. They don't look too shabby.
Theres only one way to decide this, FIGHT!!! as Harry Hill would say. I have to say I am rather pleased with how the Wolkskin cloak turned out.
I'm no star painter by any imagination, I can turn out a decent tabletop standard, and these figs look OK to me.

Now I just need to badger Bill Thornhill to expand his range even further, with some up armoured Romano-Brits, some more Arthurian type cavalry, and a decent range of Picts
Saying that, i would suggest looking at the Goths, and Late Romans in the Musketeer range, as there are a number of very useable figures in both ranges. Plus, the new personality figures are just fantastic, I shall be ordering all of them to add to my lead pile.

One day I shall get something finished!!!!


  1. Very nice work, Nigel. I suspect Chris is on to something with his GB-oriented gaming. We're heading over to the UK soon, so hope to see you all at the NB club.