Monday, 22 October 2012


Yes, I have the attention span of one!!

My desk now looks like this!!

I've found myself flitting from one bloody project to another, and have got absolutely nothing to show for it.

1) French and Indian Wars- One semi finished Indian, a shedload of unpainted lead

2) Polish Renaissance- Two Winged Hussars started, struggled manfully with them for, oh about half a day.

3) Spanish Civil War-At least I have enough stuff painted for a game, but another pile of unfinished figures and vehicles.

4)PBR Scratchbuild- Now on hold until I get some kind of fume extractor, after geting the worst headaches ever from the glue!!

5) Sci-Fi APC-As above :-(

6) Dux Britainorium- Handful of saxons painted, I do have a painted Romano-British army, but it needs tarting up, because I am such a sad bastard and can't use it as it is.

7) 28mm Pyrrhic army- 5 units finished, another 5 to do..................... hang on, thats half finished!!

I blame some of this partly on being depressed. I feel a bit better when I get into a new project, the excitement of ordering some new figures, and researching the army. This tails off when I suddenly realise just how much work I have to do.

I have to draw a line under all of this madness, I've cleared my desk, in preparation to just concentrate on one of my many projects

This might give you a clue which one I have chosen!!

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  1. Do the Winged Hussars; they always look nice, even if you do no more Poles or even 16th/17th Century stuff.