Thursday, 12 March 2015

Just a Teeny Tiny Project......

I read a book, I tend to do that sometimes, this book was about a chap who served with the Spanish Foreign legion in the civil war. In one section of the book, he was talking about an annoying Republican armoured train, that kept trundling down the railway track from Madrid, shooting up their  positions, and then buggering off back to Madrid.
I got thinking, thinking is dangerous, thinking makes you go Googling, and you find this

Uh Oh, more Googing required, to find some suitable model railway gubbins.

Woooooooo Woooooo

I worry about myself sometimes :-)


  1. Oh dear, he's off again... ;)

  2. I have an armoured train for my Back of Beyond, Mallinson mission collection. Hornby train (£10 from var boot sale) plus lots of plasticard. If I plug it in in will run along quite happily.

  3. That would be an interesting project. From the very interesting photos on that Spanish website, it looks like the train got more and more armoured and upgraded as time went by.